The TO – now cleanroom certificated


Faster, versatile, reusable: Torque. With the torque range (TO), WEISS has begun a new chapter in the history of the rotary table. The introduction of a high-tech drive that operates predominantly without mechanics or gearboxes is the company's logical response to the changing market requirements and customers' wishes. The direct-drive rotary table enables faster switching times with high precision. Its ability to cover a significantly more versatile range of tasks – including repeat use – allows customers to tap new added value potential. The model TO220 is now also available with cleanroom certificate.

As a manufacturer of automation components, WEISS has established relationships with many different customers in many different areas of application over the course of the last 40 years. And each of these customers expects an optimal rotary table solution; a system that is tailored to their own specific requirements. The direct-drive Torque rotary tables represent a solution that has been developed to cater fully to these individual wishes.

Greater productivity
The highly dynamic properties of the direct-drive motor allow productivity to be significantly increased through shorter switching times. Whereas a mechanical table can rarely be reduced to a cycle time of less than 0.2 seconds, the direct drive allows faster reactions, which in turn enables a significant improvement to be made as regards accelerating the entire process. Rather than choosing a purchased solution from a third-party supplier, WEISS has designed and developed the high-tech drive of the Torque rotary tables in house, drawing on their 40 years of experience in the industry.  Both aspects – mechanics and electronics – are perfectly matched to one another here. And neither of the two components does more than its counterpart requires of it. This offers a massive advantage in terms of the price/quality ratio. Or in other words, customers only pay for what they actually need. In addition, the electronic drive covers a larger range of applications and offers greater flexibility. There is no oil, no frictional movements on brakes or brake discs and no emitted vapours. The new solution is ideally suited to many fields of application, including medical technology, foodstuffs or microelectronics, for which it has been issued a cleanroom certificate as per US Federal Standard 209E Class 1 by the German TÜV testing authority.

Freely programmable and reusable
In the past, systems were often built specifically to produce a single product. These "single-purpose machines" became useless when the product they manufactured was removed from the market. In an age in which the lifecycle of products is now measured in months rather than years, this is no longer viable. The key requirement now is for rotary tables that can be adjusted, modified and reprogrammed for varying tasks. The Torque rotary tables from WEISS are a perfect example of this.

Simple commissioning through Weiss Application Software (WAS)
The WAS software is an intuitive, Windows-based GUI that is used to create and parameterise positioning programs. As a uniform, end-to-end software platform, it simplifies and accelerates the commissioning process of freely programmable WEISS components – including Torque rotary tables. Customers can simply select their TO table type from a list. The corresponding parameters are then loaded and the table is pre-parameterised for the customer. After entering the mass moment of inertia specified by the customer, the rotary table is automatically pre-parameterised to the maximum possible ramps and speeds.